General Rules

General rules about discipline and conduct

1. Students are to maintain discipline inside and outside the college. Smoking in the college Corridors, Common Rooms, and lawns is strictly prohibited.

2. Shouting inside the college is not permitted.

3. Any discourtesy towards girl students shall be severely punished; it may even lead to expulsion from the college.

4. The students should make it a habit to look up the Notice Board on arriving at and while leaving the college. No excuse will be considered if the notices on the board are ignored.

5. While paying fees and making any enquiry at any office counter, the students must maintain a queue.

6. Disturbing the classes and calling out at other students from the class room during class hours is a serious offence.

7. Outsiders are not permitted within the college premises and students should not bring outsiders to the college.

8. Misbehavior with teachers and staff is a serious offence, and may lead to expulsion of the offender.

9. Cheating in class tests or in college examinations will be severely dealt with Malpractices in the University examinations will lead to immediate expulsion from the examination hall.

10. Provisional admission is compulsory within 15 days after the last date of Part-I and Part-II Final Examinations in respective streams.

11. It is mandatory for every student to make Library card after admission in the 1st year.

12. A valid Identity Card (Computerised) is made as a proof of his/her status as a student of Naba Barrackpur Prafulla Chandra Mahavidyalaya. It is to be obtained from the college and to be signed by the Principal. Date of issue of Identity Card will be notified on the college Notice Board. If the Idenitity Card is lost, the Principal must be immediately informed. A new Identity Card may be issued on payment of Rs. 20.00. No student is allowed to enter the college premises without his/her Idenitity Card.

13. Students must pay their fees within 15th of each month. Failure to pay fees for three consecutive months will mean that he/she is no longer a student of the college.

14. The names of those Honours students who will fail to attend 75% of the lectures within the first two months after their admission will be liable to be struck off from the rolls.



1. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual late coming, disobedience or objectionable behavior of any kind may result in the removal of the students from the college.

2. College property willfully damaged or destroyed will be made food. In addition, a heavy fine may also be imposed.

3. The use of unfair means in an examination will entail the annulment of the entire examination.

4. In case a student has any special kind of ailment/disease, the guardian must bring th4e same to the knowledge of the college authority.


Regularity & Punctuality

1. Regular attendance is a MUST for every student. Minimum attendance is 75% in each academic session.

2. Unavoidable absence due to illness, bereavement, etc. must be timely reported to the college stating the anticipated/actual duration of absence, preferably supported by a medical certificate in case of illness.


In no Case a Sick Student Be Sent to The College:

a. Student who are absent for more than one month without any intimation to the college, are liable to have their names struck off the college rolls.

b. Student afflicted by infectious disease or exposed to such diseases in their houses must complete the quarantine period before rejoining the college This should be indicated in the Medical certificate.

c. The prior permission of the Head of the Institution for leave or leave or absence from college is essential.